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Freemans PLANTOUR – The Future of Site Visits? Virtual, of Course!

By William Collins,
Vice President of Product Development at Freeman

Drones seem to constantly be in the news – shooting video for TV shows and movies, delivering pizza to our doorsteps and dropping off packages from our favorite online websites. So naturally we started to brainstorm ideas of how we could use drones to help you get a better feel for meeting spaces and event venues. Plus, we needed an excuse to play with cool drones during work hours!

That’s why today we are showcasing how we used drone technology to improve PLANTOUR®. PLANTOUR is an online tool allowing anyone from exhibitors to event planners to show organizers the ability to experience and virtually tour event venues across North America. With PLANTOUR, you can check out floor plans, see meeting room configurations or plan for available sponsorship opportunities all through your tablet, computer or smartphone.

We’re now adding the drone option in select meeting spaces and facilities to get a high-definition virtual tour of the look and feel of a venue from the sky. And don’t worry; we’ll be adding more venues in the future just as quickly as the batteries on the drones can charge up!

With the drone’s HD video, you’re able to really experience the venue to get an overall impression without actually being there. Depending upon what venue we launch the drones in, you will see fly-through videos and/or 360 degree imagery that you can control, along with interactive hotspots, photo galleries and 2D facility renderings. The drones won’t just fly inside the venues, but also outside, so you’ll get a great feel for the entire venue from a city perspective.

We are constantly looking for ways to use technology to make the lives of our customers easier; this is just the latest innovation we’re excited to play with, I mean, offer our customers.

Do you want to get started?

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