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Creative Services

From a small business meeting to a big production for a congress or convention, Encore Event Technologies advise you with the creation, the plan, the decoration, the coordination, and the full realization of the project.

As an added value Encore Event Technologies offers from developing a creative concept and execution, set design, video production, animation and graphics creation. Our team manages each visual element so we offer a stress-free event.


Encore Event Technologies creative team works closely with you to design a fascinating event and convey your message to the audience exceeding the highest expectations. Whether for marketing, sales, training and customer testimonial videos, your event is in the capable hands of our professionals dedicated.

Our creative and production team includes
  • Graphic designers
  • Producers
  • Video editors
  • Audio and video engineers
  • Lighting director
  • Creative directors
  • Set designers

They offer knowledge and experience in the management and event production, concept development, video presentations, animated graphics and other visuals to tell your stories.

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We develop creative ideas, plan to detail, produce and implement innovative concepts through comprehensive event with WOW effect to achieve the expected impact on the audience. We offer a wide range of value added services that increase message retention, working closely with customers to determine the optimal action mechanism based on their communication objectives.

  • Creative concept and theme development
  • Graphics
  • Animations in 2D and 3D
  • Stage design and displays
  • Special design of Audio, Video and Lighting
  • Renders Production
  • Video production and editing
  • Video Mapping

In the past two years, Encore Event Technologies has perfected the use of "Vivien" program, which is the most powerful and comprehensive software, becoming an invaluable tool for the sales process. This program lets you create and design fixtures for our customers and will help us realize our own ability to creativity and design, so that the customer can visualize your event with incredible precision and dynamically, making changes or additions needed to maximize your event.


In many cases, clients make the final selection of the location based on what they “see”. We are very proud to have taken this powerful tool that ultimately increase the satisfaction, security and tranquility of the client.

We have a wide range of "generic" scenery which gives us the versatility to reaction times.

Large format presentations with multiple images:

  • Multiscreen projection
  • Widescreen Widescreen
  • Surround Screen 180

The video mapping is a technique that consists in projecting images on real surfaces to achieve motion effects or 3D giving rise to an artistic spectacle out of the ordinary. It is a technology where we interact simultaneously elements of audio, video, and lighting.


Isaí Tapia – Director Creative Services